As a teacher and director with over a dozen years of experience directing theatre at the high school level, Julie Little has been committed to students' education in the dramatic arts. She strongly believes in providing an enriching theatre experience that connects students from the imaginary world of drama to a practical 

application of a theatre production through dramaturgy and interdisciplinary study. Her teaching perspective has always included youth's introduction to a wide range of hands-on skills and has provided an avenue for producing classic literature as theatre, workshops, field trips, and community outreach. Her programs have been a collaborative effort in which cast and crew, adults and students are of vital and equal importance. Little's background includes teaching theatre history and dramatic literature, experience as a dramaturg for multiple productions, play adaptation, and training in acting, directing, and production. 

Director Julie Little holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Theatre and is a drama coach and a member of the local repertory, Castaways Repertory Theatre. She is experienced in directing, teaching drama, and working with small and large groups of young actors. Through drama classes and plays, she has demonstrated her professional and creative acting and directing abilities in several areas within the field of theatre arts. ​For her contributions to local youth theatre, Julie Little was named the 2017 Outstanding Arts Educator during the Kathleen K. Seefeldt Awards for Arts Excellence ceremony in May 2017 at the Hylton Performing Arts Center in Manassas, Va. After 15 years writing and directing, Ms. Little plans to take more of an executive function in future productions, beginning 2019.

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